Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to say hello and introduce myself. I am Jason Pruitt, father to 4, friend of many. I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none. I was once a long haul truck driver, and I have a PhD in Reality from the University of Hard Knocks. My many experiences from my travels and just trying to survive should provide plenty of fodder for this blog. I write songs and poetry on occasion, but mostly expect amusing anecdotes and/or semi-inspirational writing from me… or a rant, yes. Ranting is good. I hope that this will prove to be a fruitful venture in sharing my creativity with the world, or at least get a few people to laugh at fart jokes. I’m totally new to this blogging game, so please bear with me as I learn the ropes. I encourage and welcome any constructive criticism, as I want to grow and learn in this experiment. Just try not to be an ass-hat. With that, feel free to ask any questions as we go along in this hand basket, and I look forward to starting something awesome!


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